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Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.

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About DDL

About Us   About Us

This year marks the 56th anniversary of the Dorvin D. Leis Company.  Founded in 1961 in California, Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc. (DDL) shifted its focus to Hawaii in 1967 and has grown into Hawaii’s leading Mechanical Contractor with offices throughout the state and in Guam.  DDL is a full-service Mechanical Contractor self-performing the installation of Plumbing, HVAC, Sheet Metal, Fire Protection/Fire Sprinkler and Temperature Controls/Energy Management systems across the entire spectrum of construction projects.  Our Service and Warranty Department is well established and prepared to provide post-construction services.  The Special Projects Division handles the most difficult and challenging projects giving DDL the most complete mechanical contracting company in the entire Pacific Region.

During the past 10 years DDL has completed $1.25 Billion in revenue.  This large volume of work has enabled us to build a great team of skilled trade labor and professional staff which sets us apart from the competition.  Noteworthy is the company’s strong belief in its employees, customer and “Giving Something Back” by continually supporting the community and non-profit organizations.  We believe our 56 years of experience, relationships, and commitment to customer satisfaction will be of great value to the overall success of any project.  Having four office locations in Hawaii, one in Guam, and employing over 500 local staff and skilled tradesman allows us to perform at a high level and sets us apart from the competition.

Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc. Culture

DDL is a family oriented culture that genuinely cares about its employees, customers and the community.  Dorvin insisted, “The community supports us, so we need to support the community.” Likewise, its second generation leader, Stephen Leis, has continued this tradition of community spirit.   The Company and the Leis Family Charities have donated millions of dollars over the years to a wide range of nonprofit and community organizations, including the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, University of Hawaii, Hospice, Kapolei Hospital, Child and Family Services and hundreds of other worthy organizations that benefit the communities DDL serves.

The company’s first priority is to the employees, followed closely by the customers and then the community and family.  At DDL we are very proud of the fact that we have many employees who spend their entire careers with us, and many who are following in the footsteps of parents and even grandparents who worked for DDL.  The DDL leadership style is based on the importance of teamwork and serving the employees.   

Safety plays a paramount importance to the culture and business concerns of the Company.  “Goal Zero” is a relentless and ongoing effort to prevent accidents, injuries and eliminate lost time.  A best in class safety program is maintained, supported and embraced by all levels within the organization.  The keys to its success are buy-in, training and leadership. Bottom line-- everyone should return home each day injury free.

Quality of work, on time and on budget project delivery is a matter of pride and reputation shared by the entire DDL team.  Hard work and integrity are the core values that were instilled by Dorvin beginning in 1961.  He spoke often about values of a firm handshake and standing behind what you build.  Those same values are evident in the company culture and to this day are still the drivers of the company’s enduring culture.  Although, we understand that past performance has shaped our reputation, it is the current and future performance that continuously keeps us striving to perform at an exceptional level. 

DDL conducts all aspects of its business in an honorable way, recognizing there is no right way to do a wrong thing.  In Hawaii we call that, “Pono” which means, “Doing what is right”.  The Company always acts responsibly and maintains the highest levels of ethical and legal conduct.