Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.
Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.

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Our Services

Energy Services

  • Energy Monitoring – track a building’s energy use in “real-time”, identify patterns that may be costing additional money
  • Building Automation – monitor and control a building from anywhere
  • Energy Audits – a comprehensive energy audit will identify areas for improvement and capital investment
  • Building “Tune Up” – efficient operation of HVAC equipment can save money and extend the life of the units

Energy Projects

  • HVAC Upgrades – newer equipment runs more efficient and costs less money to operate
  • Energy Rebates – recovering rebate money helps to improve a project’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Performance-based Contracts – use energy savings to pay for projects with ZERO upfront cost
  • Co-generation – reduce electricity bills by 50% or more with a combined cooling, heating, and power system